Our Ministry Team

Our Rector
Reverend Noelle Taylor
Tel 01277 362173
Noelle is currently
on sabbatical leave

Our Curate
Reverend Jane Quinton
Tel 01277 366315

Associate Minister

Reverend Neil Taylor
Tel 01277 532770
Neil also has responsibility
for Stanford Rivers and
Greensted parishes

Reverend Elizabeth Horwell
Elizabeth is a retired priest 
with permission to
officiate and who
loves to help out
as part of the
team when needed.

Lay Minister
Shirley Dudeney
Tel 01277 364143
Shirley is licenced
to minister in the

whole Benefice

Our Churchwardens

Paul Taylor
Tel 01277 362173

Jill Bowtle
Tel 01277 364621

Our Sacristan

Sue King
Tel 01277 362723

Our Media Team

Newsletter Editor
Sue King
Tel 01277 362723
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Website Administrator
Nick Allen