A great morning on 12th November 2017 in the St Martin’s Church Rooms at the weekend for a Prayer Workshop led by our Trainee Licenced Lay Minister, Shirley Dudeney. We explored in groups the 5 w’s of Prayer – Who, What, Why, Where and When – and then all of us spent the rest of the morning exploring various ways of praying, some of which were new to us – they included praying with music, colour, the psalms, our imagination, an icon, prayer beads and praying with awareness and thanksgiving - all with the intention of deepening our relationship with God. There is of course no one right way to pray and Shirley left us with the quote “Pray as you can, not as you can’t”- i.e. we have to pray as we can in the best way suited to us, not in the way we think we ought to.