We are a small group (not only from St Martin's) who take time out from our busy lives to meet together once a month in each other's homes for a time of thoughtfulness, music and prayer. Whatever is on our minds, be it personal pr on a worldwide scale, is brought to God in prayer and in complete confidence.

We then eat the lunch we have brought along - the host provides a drink and, of course, we have a nice chat!! Please call the appropriate number below to confirm details of the venue as it is possible it may have changed - please do think about joining us - anyone is welcome:

Tuesday 15th August - 12.30 pm at 78 Kettlebury Way (Tel 01277 364889) 

Tuesday 19th September - 12.30 pm at 3 Bowes Drive (Tel 01277 363803)

If you are a regular at Prayer Lunch, please let the host know whether or not you are coming by at least the Sunday before.